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Garmin Streetpilot C340 For Sale

GPS Car Navigation Made Easy, Powerful and Life Changing

[Garmin C340 image] [Garmin C340 image]

Hello, my name is John and I am selling a brand new Garmin C340 car navigation unit. The unit is unopened and is on its way to me from Garmin. Therefore it will come with the full Garmin 12 month warranty, and all the accessories in the box. Why am I selling it? Well, this unit is a wedding gift but I already own the same unit. Nice problem to have! ^_^ I am selling it for $397.43. I will sit next to you when you buy till you are satisfied or I will you your money back if things are not as I write here.

About this model: I know it well as I have one of my own so I can tell you how marvelous it is and just what you will get.

  1. This model has text-to-speech synthesis. What it means is it will tell you for example "turn left at Flatbush Avenue." As opposed to "turn left". As well it does an excellent job of pronouncing street names (Joralemon Street, I couldn't pronounce it till a local corrected me), bridge names, etc. so you do not have to look away from the the road to view the map in hairy situations. And if you live in New York City you know what I mean, just changing lanes can be arduous and dangerous.
  2. The C340 will let you specify route types to avoid. This has saved me hundreds of dollars in New Jersey travel tolls for example. I used to think toll roads were a mandatory evil or you'd spend an eternity on local roads alternatively. Not so! Really. What apparently happens is that my trip time is incresed a handful of minutes, true, but the non toll routes, streets, highways are scenic, full of local commerce, people, real living. The reason why we typically use toll roads are because friends and relatives' directions are typically lazy and of the sort "take the turnpike to exit 7, then turn left at the Starbuks for a mile." I know I am the same way, who wants to gad! take an extra route or two and save lots of dollars? Me and you that's who. But I always forgot where to turn off or passed the turnoff from my mapquest directions, but with this unit you can navigate in the dark, in a driving thunder storm and get from New York to California via streets-only routes if you chose. Interestingly you do this a couple of times and you don't need the GPS anymore, it's all muscle memory. And I find that the middle of no where travel routes are traffic jam free. Great!
  3. This unit supports traffic rerouting. That means the traffic adapter will detect a traffic jam ahead, reported to the traffic aggregator by police, city agencies automatically, and reroute around traffic jams if you choose. Brilliant!

    [Garmin C340 image] [Garmin C340 image]

  4. garmin units are easy to use: intuitive screen controls, small size, reliable. If I did not already own the same unit I would not let it go. With my unit I am fearless. I don't just stick to known major routes, or expressways, or friends and family suggestions or Google Maps, or Mapquest routings. I save gas because I know the optimum route to any destination in the United States and Canada.
  5. Oh I didn't tell you that. This unit is preloaded with maps to give you directions to any place or street in the United States and Canada.
  6. It has all shopping centers, stores, restaurants, gas stations, parks, hospitals, airports, repair shops, landmarks, etc. in the US and Canada.
  7. My favorite feature, btw, is the estimated time of arrival indication. I use it to tell me when a trip is too far for my mood; worth traveling from my present location, but mainlu to give me a clue on my travel progress. I gets impatient. *haha*

The details: This is a bona fide offer. All I have said here is true. When, if you buy this unit from me I will be right there next to you so you are satisfied my terms and claims are true.

Google me if you like, I have been around the Net for a decade and my email, website nearly as long. It's all archived.

I prefer to sell this unit in person, and in cash. I am in Borough Park, Brooklyn you are welcomed to meet me to buy this unit.

Again it is new. It is on the way from Garmin as I speak. I will keep it unopened till we meet if you like. The retail box will be closed, what I mean is I am sure garmin has that box within another box. But it does not matter in any event. The retail box will be closed - and not BS closed by me like a scam.

In any event, I will sit there with you while you read the warranty, register it online with your iPhone (what you don't have one yet ^.^) and get the full 12 (twelve) months warranty. The garmin C340 is new.

If you want to buy it throught the mail I will ONLY accept a USPS money order. Go mess with scams and you will have the federal government on your tail. I will hold the postal money order till it clears (really clears not till my credit union says I can access the funds), or better yet I will cash it at my local post office. Where they will require my drivers license.

I am sorry this such a long web page but I wanted to err on the side of giving you more information on the unit and myself. Some pictures of the C340 are below. I hope to hear from you. Email me if you are interested.

John Bacall

[Garmin C340 image] [Garmin C340 image] [Garmin C340 image] [Garmin C340 image] [Garmin C340 image] [Garmin C340 image]

John Bacall
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